How many grains of sugar are in a teaspoon?

Initial guess : 1000 grains

Like all good questions this one only raised more. What is the packing efficiency of sugar? How big is a  grain of sugar? How big is a teaspoon? After a few  minutes of Googling I found these answers:

Answer: 18,136 grains

That’s a lot of grains.

Follow up question: How long would the line of sugar be if you lined the grains up in a row?

Answer: 18,136 grains  x 0.7 mm = 12.7 m

One response to “How many grains of sugar are in a teaspoon?

  1. Granulated sugar comes in various crystal sizes — for home and industrial use — depending on the application:

    Coarse-grained sugars, such as sanding sugar (nibbed sugar or sugar nibs) find favor for decorating cookies (biscuits) and other desserts.
    Normal granulated for table use typically has a grain size about 0.5 mm across
    Finer grades result from selectively sieving the granulated sugar
    caster sugar (0.35 mm), commonly used in baking
    superfine sugar, also called baker’s sugar, berry sugar, or bar sugar — favored for sweetening drinks or for preparing meringue

    Powdered sugar, 10X sugar, confectioner’s sugar (0.060 mm), or icing sugar (0.024 mm), produced by grinding sugar to a fine powder. The manufacturer may add a small amount of anti-caking agent to prevent clumping — either cornstarch (1% to 3%) or tri-calcium phosphate

    So basically, it really depends on the type of sugar you buy.

    Mr Kipling

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